Travel Brand for the Young, Sexy & Broke

OTP launched as an online travel magazine in 2010 and quickly expanded into a multi-platform content brand. With its unique edgy tone, vibrant photos and slick design, Off Track Planet quickly resonated with millennials and has reached over six million readers worldwide. OTP continues to successfully publish their travel guidebook series with Running Press/Hachette Book Group and has generated over $1 million in gross book sales to date.


Off Track Planet’s “Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy & Broke” was published in 2013 by Running Press/Hachette Book Group. The book was widely distributed most notably at Urban Outfitter stores selling over 50k copies worldwide. Following the success of their debut, OTP released a series of guidebooks for the “Young, Sexy & Broke” including San Francisco (2015), Brooklyn (2015) and ‘Merica! (2016). In 2017, Off Track Planet will be releasing a revised and updated follow-up to their first book.


OTP’s online travel magazine launched in 2010 with slick design, beautiful photos and a refreshingly edgy tone directed at young travelers on a budget. OTP stood out as a beautifully curated and cohesive content brand during the time crowdsourced content sites flooded the web. OTP ran an editorial team that published over 3,000 articles over a five year period by content contributors around the world.


OTP raised venture capitol to develop a travel sharing platform to expand its community and content tools. The platform would make it easy for users to create beautiful “trackbooks” or personalized travel guides.


As a promotional tool, OTP released a series of print magazines distributed to hostels and backpacker friendly travel destinations. The magazine also picked up distribution at newsstands across the United States.